Along with developing our own solutions we also partner with local software development companies that share the same business principals. We have found OMNI accounts to be a complementary product ours and suits organisation very well that don’t require the specialized nature of Softwear for Fashion. Below is an extra from the OMNI website:


Since 1987, Omni Accounts has been developing a portfolio of Accounting Software and ERP solutions to suite a range of business requirements, from small start-ups through to large corporate enterprises.  Whether you’re looking for straight forward Accounting Software or a Complex ERP system to provide for your manufacturing and Job Costing requirements, Omni Accounts has a  solution for you.


With advanced functionality including Bills of Materials, Decanting Batches, Multi-Warehousing, Vehicle Loading and Distribution, Foreign (Multi) Currency, Point of Sale (POS) and Advanced Reporting and Analytical Capabilities and full Serial and Batch Number Tracking, there is very little that Omni Accounts can’t do.  All of this is capped off by a powerful, dynamic Communications (CRM) Module, which will take care of all your communications with your internal and external stakeholders, freeing you to do what you do best manage your business!


Omni Accounts is perfectly positioned to grow with your business.  Omni Accounts utilisation of a single database throughout their range of products, means that you will never have to discard your existing Omni Accounting Software in order to move to a more complex platform.  Simply pay the difference between what you have and what you want, and the Omni Accounts Support Centre will activate the additional software you require.  Likewise you are able to tailor your current Omni Accounts Software by adding just those specific functions you require.