Employee Attendance

How are you managing employee attendance? And how much time does it waste?


While most attendance products— including those using bio-metric technology— are mere clocking systems, Beyond Attendance goes above and beyond that.


Beyond Attendance is an intelligent, integrated and automated time and attendance system that is designed to make your life easier.


Whereas most products on the market require you to manually analyse and upload files from each site, with Beyond Attendance all data is automatically fed back to a central server. The bio-metric devices can access this server via ADSL and GRPS, enabling access to remote sites without the necessity of an internet connection.


For ease of use, Beyond Attendance reports are available in a range of formats, and reports can be exported in a predefined layout for import into payroll packages. In addition, system users are maintained centrally and distributed to select readers; transactions can be voided, inserted or updated based on staff errors; and public holidays and leave are easily accommodated for.


Beyond Attendance makes use of Bio-Metric, Facial Recognition, RFID, Mobile and Pin and Password technology. This allows one to be used as a backup if need be. Naturally access control is a very popular and worthwhile option when linked to turnstiles or magnetic locks.


Furthermore, the Beyond Attendance application can be installed on multiple PC’s at no additional cost; and the system can even be viewed on your mobile phone, so you can ensure staff are always onsite and on time.


It is obvious why our product is Beyond Attendance.

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