Clinic Sister

ClinicSister handles the complexity of the modern workplace clinic comprehensively, allowing the recording of all health records and history accurately and swiftly, covering:

  • Occupational Health Care
  • Primary Health Care
  • Chronic Management
  • HIV/AIDS Programme Management
  • Counseling
  • Family Planning

Much more than that, though, ClinicSister provides all stakeholders with comprehensive and meaningful information, all the while protecting the employees’ confidentiality and allowing only authorised medical personnel to see the detail they need for effective health management.

Because ClinicSister accomodates companies and groups of companies, it can be installed in a clinic serving 100 employees to a group of company clinic serving 100 000 employees yet it is astonishingly affordable.

Here are just some of the tasks ClinicSister will help you manage:

  • Clinic visit records
  • Absenteeism and sick notes control
  • Job specifications
  • Medical scheduling and management
  • Wellness and HIV management
  • COID claim tracking
  • Drug stock control & the drug register
  • Clinic activity statistics & charts
  • Trend analysis
  • IOD tracking and recording
  • Chronic monitoring
  • CSs flexitool – empowering the user