Softwear for Fashion Loyalty

Softwear for Fashion has developed a fully integrated Loyalty scheme, with advanced functionality, but yet has the flexibility of making your loyalty scheme unique. In today’s economy, it is common knowledge that retaining customers can be up to 100% more profitable than acquiring new ones. Research by Gartner, Peppers & Rogers and others shows that it costs five times as much to find a new customer as it does to keep an old one.


Loyalty Scheme Feature

  • A single or multiple loyalty schemes
  • A single or multiple status levels within the loyalty scheme. E.g: Bronze, Silver and Gold members
  • Selectable branch participation
  • Rewards can be earned either through points, or as a direct percentage of the sale value.
  • Rewards vouchers also available vouchers need to be issued from head office to the customer, who redeems the vouchers in store.
  • Options to include laybys within the loyalty scheme.
  • Rewards can be purchased or banked
  • Rewards can be accumulated through credit sales.
  • Minimum rewards redemption level, allows for a minimum rewards threshold to be reached before the customer can redeem their rewards. Increases the number of sales before the customer can redeem.
  • Qualifying purchase value sets a minimum sale value before points are earned. This promotes the up sell of merchandise.
  • Points can be set to expire after a given number of months. This promotes the user to spend more to earn more in a shorter period of time to ensure their rewards are not lost.